Unique NFT series for culinary art lovers

FOOD & NFTs : The first NFT project for the culinary industry in Poland on such a scale! Get unique NFTs prepared in collaboration with top names in the world of fine dining! Experience innovative culinary experiences and become the owner of digital collector’s items worthy of true gourmets!


The first NFT token signed by Przemek Klima in history was sold for a record sum of PLN 25,000 during an auction held at the WO//MAN EQUAL KITCHEN event in Warsaw (VITKAC).

„The wild duck, fermented plum, chicory, elderberry” - the NFT photograph of the dish and the artwork together with an author’s dinner by the chef were auctioned off with the supermodel Anja Rubik’s SEXEDPL foundation. The aim of the auction was to raise funds for the “Lesson with SEXEDPL” project, which creates free educational materials for teachers and parents.

The winner was Piotr Ruszowski. More about the event can be read in the FOOD & FRIENDS magazine and on the website: https://foodandfriends.pl/przemyslaw-klima-premiera-kolekcji-zdjec-nft/

And this is just the beginning...

Danie NFT

TOKEN #1: Wild duck, fermented plum, chicory, elderberry


Become the owner of one of the first NFT tokens in the world signed by a Michelin-starred chef and The Best Chef Awards winner:

Access to a closed event with world-renowned chefs at Food&Future vol. 3, which will take place on June 30 in Poznań

The opportunity to participate in an NFT training led by Bartosz Bilicki.

A unique print of the purchased NFT with Przemysław Klima’s signature.

A unique NFT token in the scale of the global Food market, issued by the prestigious FOOD & FRIENDS magazine.


After the success of the first token, we present the remaining 4, which will be sold at auction.

Token #2

TOKEN #2: Potato, truffle, birch

Token #3

TOKEN #3: Crème brûlée with fresh almonds, white asparagus and foam

Token #4

TOKEN #4: Italian meringue with rosemary

Token #5

TOKEN #5: Sea buckthorn, sunflower, hot chocolate

SmartVerum is a pioneer in the tokenization of works of art in this part of Europe. The experienced team provides professional tools that change the art market by creating new rules and business models. SmartVerum actively participates in discussions about the future of art and tries to influence its shape through a complete ecosystem of tools such as Mintiq.io (a token exchange created for artists, collectors, and cultural institutions), Square (physical, modular screens in the shape of a square for presenting works in NFT format), Art as a Service (a service for renting works of art in NFT format operating on a pay-per-view model). Today, SmartVerum already collaborates with galleries and auction houses from all over the world to prepare artists’ works for their debut sale in the form of NFTs. SmartVerum’s activities can be observed on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
FOOD & FRIENDS is a culinary and lifestyle magazine created in 2010 by friends for friends who value spending time together in places where exceptional food plays a special role. Our inspiration was the Swedish magazine MAT & VÄNNER, a multiple award-winning Scandinavian culinary magazine founded by journalists and chefs who gave a new direction to culinary press both in Sweden and throughout northern Europe. In 184 pages, we present authorial reports that convey the taste and atmosphere of the most interesting places in the country and abroad. FOOD & FRIENDS has hosted on its pages the most important figures in the world of gastronomy. We have also created a series of events called Gourmet Tour and other meeting formats during which the best local chefs could stand shoulder to shoulder with outstanding foreign chefs. Our circle of friends grows from year to year. We have hosted in Poland renowned chefs from restaurants that have won a total of over forty Michelin stars, as well as laureates of the prestigious The World’s 50 Best Restaurants ranking.